Bigbustgazer's TG and Transformation Smut

I write erotica, frequently involving men turning into women, partially or completely.

I love feedback on my stories, or just hearing people's thoughts. (If you can't see my email turn on Javascript)


Stand alone stories will probably appear here first out of all the places I post them, mainly because all the other sites I put that type of story on have some sort of review before a story appears.

I write slowly so expect at least a few months between updates, though I do occasionaly put up other things, like the AI generated images of characters.

The World Turns

One day things changed drastically, a second puberty was added during which everyone developed a second set of genitalia of the opposite sex from their originals. Everyone's bodies adjusts as if this was always the case, but nothing else did, their clothing did not change. An alternative take on one way a story I wrote on Fiction Branches, Honest Discussion, went without the wishing stone, here I don't explaine how it happened, it just does.

I have also made some AI Generated Images of the characters.

Other People's World Turns Stories

Someone else has also written some stories in the "World Turns" universe!

If you want to write your own story in the setting, go ahead, you don't need my permission! Also feel free to use the opening infodump in your story. I would appreciate if you sent me a link when it's done, and even more if you let me beta read it for you.

From the Stars

An interstellar object crashes in a remote location. There are effects. The day it streaked through the sky everyone one of sexual maturity finds that their libido has gone sky high as they become more aroused than they have ever been before, and they shortly discover their refactory period has vanished. Further effects follow.

Featuring an office romance, breast growth, and sex.

Coming... at a time.

Fiction Branches

I've written a few stories over on Fiction Branches, and a few dead ends. Here's a list of places where I've written a fair bit, starting with the first chapter that I wrote. Listed most recent first.

Honest Discussion

Complete story text hosted here, also comes with some extra editing for typos and mistakes. There's two endings, though the second one I may actually write more eventually. This does include the base You Are What You Wish chapter from Fiction branches as the beginning, I didn't write that and it's in first person, unlike all the stuff I did write.


Other places to find my work

Just a note: of these sites only Fiction Branches and Choose Your Own Change have content that isn't also available here.

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